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Earn Your First $1000+ in 2021



Welcome to Hyma Xtra. This is a community for individuals who are ready to make their first $1000 and more through High Ticket Affiliate System. It is established and managed by Chrisluke Lamuel.

📶📶📶 How it Works

👉 You register with only $100 ( ₦38,100) for one year.
👉You join the Hyma Xtra Community.
👉Your earn 50% commission per system.

💲Hyma Xtra Earning Systems

💰SALE: If you recommend any of our digital & physical products to customers, you earn 50% per sale. Example: For selling a Hyma Xtra product that is worth $150, you get $75 as commission.

💰BONUS: You are given a bonus for getting more than two customers through recommendations. The bonus serves as reward to your active performance and then a leverage for you to earn more.

💰REFERRAL: You earn 50% for inviting a person to join Hyma Xtra Community. Referral is optional, only that we appreciate it as it ensures growth of hyma Xtra community and promotion of our products.

🔰Can I join and earn with Hyma Xtra without paying the registration fee?

Owing to inability of many a person to afford the registration fee, you can choose to work with Hyma Xtra freely but on condition.

The Condition: You sell one Hyma Xtra product without getting a commission, then when the sale is completed, you are granted a full access to Hyma Community.

🔰What products do I recommend for people to buy from Hyma Xtra and How do they get the products?

Hyma Xtra has digital products and physical products. The digital products are informational products like Business e-books, Software like Websites and Blogs, and so on. Physical Products are mainly Health Care products and Wholesale supply of goods.

🔰What is the reality of making my first $1000 and more through Hyma Xtra?

The managing director of Hyma Xtra Community has a plan for all members not only to make their first $1000 through working remotely but to train out entrepreneurs who will develop their own business or become a partner with a startup and earn passive income. Hyma Xtra is controlled by a Financial/Business model called Grow1500-Financial Breakthrough Model - designed by Chrisluke Lamuel to tackle poverty in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Finally, a trial will convince you! Don't worry about the Processes involved, keep you mind on the result - $1000 and more. It is an ASSURANCE!

Reply "I am 100% in" to register, join the Hyma Xtra community, and get your first $1000 and more!

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