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Current Updates in Econofrica Dollar Exchange Management

Econofrica Dollar Exchange Management System Technology is to close its free programme of giving bonus on signups, rewards for daily login, and rewards for referral on 15th January, 2021. The only reward programme that will sustain is that of contributing in the forum - especially posting articles in the forum and commenting on posts.

After this due date, the withdrawal processing follows, as a date to begin withdrawal of earnings will be announced. From now till January 15, 2021, all registered members are hereby notified to invite more members using their referral link in to earn more through the free rewards programme before it ends.

Members who are already registered are also advised to contribute in the forum as top contributors will be rewarded massively on the due date.

Note also that the free programme may close before the due date (January 15, 2021) if the usable $1M (One Million Dollar) are distributed. For new members to get dollars, they can only buy from old members who have dollars in their wallet or purchase in the shop.

How does this Econofrica Dollar Exchange Management System Technology benefit members?
First, members who have acquired dollars here will definitely withdraw it as physical cash to their local bank accounts. This will be done as soon as this technology normalises and the $1M goes in circulation.

Secondly, this technology allows individuals to save their money at local currency in dollars. It implies that as dollar rate increases, and perhaps local currency devaluates, it won't affect the value of their money. This is the same as creating domiciliary bank account and using it for international transactions only that this technology does not require much work and capital to open your account and save your money in dollars.

Furthermore, members who have dollars can sell to other members at a profit margin. It is just doing business with your dollars, and as you conribute in the forum, you may earn much more free dollars. You can sell your dollars here simply by transferring an amount you want to sell to the email address of a member here that wants to buy from you.

If you have not created account, you can do it HERE.

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