For any Naira that you get today, it is advisable that you save it in dollars. You have much advantages to save your Naira in dollar format today.

First and foremost, Dollar keeps increasing as relative to Naira. This has caused the prices of goods and Services in Nigeria to increase on day to day business activities. When your money is saved in dollars, if it increases, you gain massively. If it is in Naira and Dollar increases in value, you money goes down in value.

Also, you can do cool business by saving your money in dollars. Once you have dollars, you can resell to people at a profit margin. The more dollars you buy, the greater your profit will be when selling them. This is a cool home business you can do and make a living out of it.

Now, instead of going through the hassles getting a domiciliary account to save your money in dollars, it is an option for you to take up Econofrica Dollar Exchange Management System Technology. This technology allows you to save your money in dollars and do businesses with it as well.

If you are an international business person, making transactions in foreign currency, then a domiciliary account is recommended for you. On the other hand, as a citizen living in Nigeria or any other African countries, Econofrica Dollar Exchange Management System Technology is best for you to save money in dollars, do cool business, and earn your profits.

NOTE: To start getting your withdrawals direct to your local bank account, you must at least top up your wallet (deposit) or purchase a dollar package in the shop. This does not prevent your usual earnings from daily logins and referrals. 

Minimum Top up (Deposit) Amount: $15

Maximum Top Up (Deposit) Amount: $500

Click HERE to create an account, then access your wallet for more and use effectively. You can use our “let’s talk” tab below to ask necessary questions.

Also Check HOW IT WORKS, perhaps, before you forward your questions to us.