You really want to grow your income? Then, Dollar Exchange Management system technology is the best option for you.

This technology allows you to save your money in dollars using a wallet system provided for you. Once you have top up your balance in the wallet system, you can use it to purchase more dollars and get bigger cashbacks.

You can as well purchase dollars available in shop directly instead of toping up your wallet balance. Once you purchase a dollar package, you get your wallet balance credited.

You can sell your dollars (using Wallet Transfer tab) to other customers at any offline price of your choice through exchange. Once you exchange some amount of dollars with a user (who has already created account), the users Wallet balance is automatically credited.

You can earn more dollars by using your referral link to invite people to visit the website and signup to buy dollars. You get the bonus added to your wallet balance.

At your convenience, you can withdraw any amount direct to your local bank account. Ensure that you setup your payment account details for ease of processing your withdrawal request.

This Dollar Exchange Management System Technology is MbaEfo initiative to reduce Unemployment in Nigeria and across the world at large. It enables you to earn passive income.

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