The Next generation of Cryptocurrency with a Social System is the Dollar Exchange Management System Technology. It’s recommended that you Create an account and start using this technology as the world advance gradually into digital economy.

How does this Technology Work?

It allows you to save your money in dollars and use it in normal transactional sense. You can sell your dollars using the transfer function of the wallet. You can withdraw your earnings to your local bank account.

On creating account, your wallet is automatically credited with $10. As you login daily to use your wallet, or use our forum (Econofrica Financial Freedom Forum), your gets $2 as rewards. As a regular contributor in the forum, You get rewards of dollars for earning a batch. In sharing your wallet referral link, you earn $5 per a person that registers through your link.

Who is the creator of this Technology?
Econofrica is solely responsible for this technology. It uses its Marketing Initiatives to manage the whole activities of Dollar Exchange System and reward users the right way.

How do I withdraw my earnings in the wallet?
It is advisable that you don’t use the withdrawal function until you have made a deposit of at least $15. You should first update your payment details in the withdrawal page, login daily, and use our forum. Once you have made $1000 in your wallet, you start requesting for withdrawal and you will be paid directly to your bank account details provided.

We reward Top Contributors in our Forum. Post good and related contents and get rewarded with Dollars.

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