It is certain that many persons in Nigeria earn 500 thousand Naira and even more on Monthly basis. A few persons (business owners) earn the 500K on average daily basis.

Now, what are the ventures that these people involve themselves, placing them at the position of earning 500K and more on monthly basis.

1) Sales of Products with High Profit Margin & Production: A business owner that buys products at cheaper price and resell at higher price is likely to earn average of 500K per month so far there is a large market size for the products. Also, Production companies that produce in large quantities make higher sales and generate 500K or more per month.

Requirements: You start a business with capital, look for a large market, and work very hard to dominate the market. Here, Capital is always a problem; anyway, read further for an info that will interests you…

2) Being Employed in a big Company or Organisation: People working in Political Offices, Public Institutions, Oil (Shell) Company, Electricity Distribution Company, and High Technology Company get monthly salary that is worth 500K or More.

Requirements: You need Qualifications in terms of certificates, and for a case in Nigeria, You need Connections and the Qualifications required to get such jobs. You have to work for years and get promoted. Here, Connection is always a problem; anyway, read further for an info that will interests you…

3) Subscription & Transportation Businesses: Owners of subscription businesses like Netflix, Telecommunication agencies, Electricity Distribution, Transport Companies, and related earn 500K or more per month.

Requirements: Setting up subscription or transport businesses most times is capital intensive. You can as well start from scratch with your savings but the cost of scalability is always high. Anyway, read further for an info that will interests you…

Do you know that Dangote has spent more than 15 Billion Dollars in building a Refinery while his net worth as of the time of building the Refinery is 12 Billion Dollars?

So, invariably, Dangote is supposed to broke by now…(Laughs). How did Dangote achieve this? He has simply used the Financial System that many top entrepreneurs in the world apply in funding their businesses – Working with Local and International Investors.

Here is the info that will interests you… You can as well be earning 500K or more without high capital, production costs, certifications, and connections which might limit you to go on any of the three ventures that have been explained above..

How? Join Professional Partners Hub – a community of business leaders working together to become financially stable. This is possible as You let your money work for you as a professional partner.

At Professional Partners Hub, all the members contribute in presenting projects, funding the projects, running the projects and sharing the returns (profits) from the projects.

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