What is Professional Partners Hub (PPH) all about?

Professional Partners Hub is a business group of people who are working together to achieve financial stability – earning not less than 500K on monthly basis.

How does Professional Partners Hub work?

All members of Professional Partners Hub do businesses together and share the profits that are generated. As a professional partner, you are already a boss and prospective business owner.

For any business that is established, a professional partner, maybe you or one of the members, is made a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He or She gives account on the activities of the business.

Professional Partners Hub has a single bank account where all the earnings are deposited.

Who is the owner of Professional Partners Hub?

Professional Partners Hub is owned and controlled by Chrisluke Lamuel, a serial entrepreneur from Enugu, Nigeria. He directs the activities of all professional partners using the Financial Stability Projects Plan. All professional partners are entitled to contribute to the directives since it is a team.

What are your benefits as a Professional Partner?

1) You Learn: At Professional Partners Hub, we talk about businesses in general. So to say, we develop and constantly nurture basic and advanced skills that are required to become successful in business. These include management, presentation, negotiation, and closing skills basically, and many more that are quite necessary to become a professional business owner.

2) You Earn: Earning is the major goal that all Professional Partners work to achieve – at least 500K on monthly basis. It does not mean that once you join Professional Partners Hub, you begin to earn 500K; you start from scratch following our projects and getting your shares until you attain greater levels. There is transparency in our dealings with all members.

3) You Lead: These are the steps involved in generating income (using the Financial Stability Projects Plan):
– A project is initiated.
– The project is screened.
– The project is funded.
– The project is launched.
– The project is scaled.
– Earning from the project is used to pay all professional partners as monthly stipend.

For every project that is initiated, there are selected partners that leads in it. This is why You are a Leader as a professional partner.

How do you join Professional Partners Hub?

1) ADMISSION: Having read the whole information about Professional Partners Hub, if it interests you to become a member, joining in the movement to attain financial stability level – earning not less that 500K on monthly basis, then Join Professional Partners WhatsApp Group.

2) ASSESSMENT: Joining Professional Partners WhatsApp Group does not automatically make you a professional partner. There will a 30 Minutes Call Session between you and the director for assessment.

You are assessed in order to ensure that you are determined, convinced and qualified to be a professional partner working with other in the team.

In order to be accessed, you are to pay enrollment fee (nonrefundable amount) and a call time is scheduled.

3) ENDORSEMENT: After the call session between you and the director, it is assumed that you have accepted our terms and conditions, then you are officially declared as a professional partner. You submit your personal details, bank account details, and identifications to the director.

Congratulations! You are a boss! You are the leader!


  • Kemi Oanabnjo

    What’s the enrolment fee amount?

    • Chrisluke

      The enrollment fee is 2500 Naira.

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