Hi, I am Chrisluke Lamuel, a marketing consultant, financial advisor, and serial entrepreneur.

Would you like to work with me? You might ask which kind of work, how, explain. Read the information I want to pass across to you below…

I have developed a plan for You and I. This plan is meant to achieve a goal of Financial Stability. Here, this is what I mean…

Financial stability is the freedom to live life on your terms without worrying about how you’ll pay your next bill.

At least, that we are financial stable, we can pay our rents, electricity bills, and most importantly care for ourselves and our families. This is the basic level of wealth.

In Nigeria today, one can say that one is financially stable if one’s monthly earning is not less than 500K (Five hundred thousand Naira) otherwise one might live up to expectations.

You are not currently earning more than 500K per month? I invite you to be among the 100 persons forming a group to work with my Plan. I have called the plan Financial Stability Partner, Plan (FSPP).

The goal of Financial Stability Projects Plan (FSPP) is to set a standard System where all the persons (I refer to them as Professional Partners) involved in the group earns not less than 500K on monthly basis per say.

How is this possible? It is impossible for You now! It is possible for you once you become a Professional partner. All the professional partners are expected to be earning 500K per month – this amounts to 50 Million Naira at the end of the month, and 600 Million Naira on annual basis.

Yes, so, hundred (100) persons are working together towards getting 600 Million Naira in 365 days using the Financial Stability Projects Plan (FSPP). We are going to achieve this goal with these business options below:
1) Electronic Distribution
2) Wholesale Services &
3) Subscription businesses

Professional Partners Hub has a single bank account for receiving and paying funds. Once you become a professional partner, you know everything concerning our businesses, in fact, you are an active investor.

Now, how do you participate? How do you become a professional partner? What are the requirements involved? How do you trust this System – Financial Stability Projects Plan?

You can participate, simply, by joining Professional Partners Hub. Nevertheless, we do not just accept your request to join; you must be assessed before your request is endorsed. Once your request is accepted, you become a professional partner, you are added to our WhatsApp group, Contact Lists, and given an ID number.

For you to become a professional partner, you must be a citizen of Nigeria. You must be within the age bracket of 20 to 50 years. You must accept to be active in our business activities. Your personal identification must be known. You must be able to work in a team – You are a boss! You are a leader!

I am Chrisluke Lamuel by business name. My real name is Eze, Christopher Obinna. I am the developer of Financial Stability Projects Plan (FSPP) and have created Professional Partners Hub. This group will work with FSPP to achieve a goal of earning 50 Million Naira on Monthly basis – 500K for each professional partner.

I do not promise or assure you that my plan will ever work perfectly rather it is proven to be 85.7% effective. It may change with time, then, I update it to fit any situation. Your investments (time, energy, and money) here is safe; you see how they are being used. You receive your share directly to your own bank account at month ends.

To become a professional partner, you will first enroll into our assessment panel, we talk with you via call for 30 Minutes. You provide answers to all the questions we ask you and you receive a notification of admission into the Professional Partners Hub within 12 hours.

Enrollment Fee into our Assessment panel is ₦2500 (Non- refundable).

Pay to this account details below through bank transfer or direct deposit and send your proof of Payment via WhatsApp or SMS to 08032219339.

Bank Account Details
Name: Eze, Christopher
Account number: 3117236061
Bank: First Bank PLC

As a Professional Partner, what are your benefits? How do you get your benefits?…You are a professional working with others in the team to earn not less than 500K on monthly basis. This will take effect after six months of working with the Financial Stability Projects Plan. This does not mean that you don’t earn with the six (6) months of using the plan rather your earning is not up to 500K. You are paid directly to your Bank account.

From what we have explained so far, you get more clarified via our call session. Your decision to become a professional partner will never be a bad one, It is a point to projecting your financial level to a higher base.

Join Professional Partners Hub on WhatsApp

Ask your questions in the comment box below…


  • Adebola Mark Gbekeloluwa

    Hello, I read through the proposal on the FSPP, though it looks too good to be true, but how is ones capital safeguarded? What exactly are the businesses to be engaged in?

    • Chrisluke

      I would like to have a free call session with you. Let’s talk person to person as regards how your capital should be used and as well projects that we embark on. Send a WhatsApp message to 08032219339 or Join the WhatsApp group for Professional Partners.

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