You have skill(s), yet you are broke; you cannot even fend for yourself. Have you ever wondered why it is so? Perhaps, you have not planned how to make more money with your skill.

Here, we have explained 5 Specific Steps to make more money with your skill. Follow these steps to turn your skill into cash generating system.

1) Find out a single skill that you have and the Market rate

It is very important that you take time to study yourself and find out what you can do very well and people will pay you for it. Having multiple skills will not put more money on your table rather it may be a confusion at the beginning. So, come up with a single skill that you have – whether natural or acquired. Then, check the market rate of your skill – how often do people pay for it and the current competition in that field. Once you have determined your skill and checked the market value, take some time again to devise a good strategy that you will use to scale successfully.

2) Get Initial Jobs

This is always the most difficult part of turning your skill into money. You have to prepare yourself to face the challenges here. Be patient and determined while you go about to get your first jobs. What will be of good help is to work for your family and relations, friends, group members in community, church, or school showcasing that you are good at your skill.
People trust your experience first before they pay you more , so charge less in your first jobs, and sometimes do some jobs for free.

3) Get a Portfolio Website

It is time to scale more as you have done your first jobs. Since people will always like reach out to you once people are talking about your performance at jobs, it is advised that you get a simple website to showcase your skill. In a portfolio website, you write about yourself, what you do, what you done, your qualifications and contact details. You can also allow visitors to your portfolio website to request for quote about your service or contact your directly via WhatsApp. In this modern era, a portfolio website serves better than a business card, it cannot be thrown away.

4) Reach out to Prospects

Most times, people rent a shop, fill it with their products, and sit down to wait for prospective buyers. This is often seen in traditional marketing setting. You find out that many new shops have closed up; it is only the first group of businesses in a certain area that sustain for a long period of time. Do you know why? Things have changed drastically in this modern time – you have to go out and find customers yourself. You have to inform people about your business. In summary, you have to be a professional salesperson, using different strategies to acquire new customers and retain them as well.

5) Use Referral System

In acquiring new customers, the best marketing option to use is Referral System. Ask the first set persons that you have worked for to tell their friends and relations about your service. You may give them rewards for getting customers for you. In your portfolio website, it is advised to have a space for your customers to write reviews on your services to them and also share buttons to social media platforms.


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